What is the Difference Between a Mattress Cover and a Mattress Pad?

The Difference Between Mattress Covers and Mattress Pads

Most modern mattresses have improved greatly to automatically include a plush top or padding, however you can customize your properties beds even further with a mattress pad or mattress cover. Both options are essential to preserving the life of your mattresses, and they help to address particular health issues such as dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, and water damage. We will be discussing the differences between the two options, which option is best for your property, and how National Hospitality can fulfill all your hotel bedding needs. Lets get started!

The Purpose of Mattress Pads

Mattress pads are typically constructed of 100% polyester and sit on top of your mattress like a fitted sheet, acting as a separator between guests and the surface of the mattress. A mattress pads primary purpose is to add comfort to your mattress. If you’re unhappy with the current comfort level of your mattresses, a mattress pad is a great short term solution to add comfort to an older or uncomfortable mattress. We don’t recommend mattress pads if you are purchasing our newer mattresses, or if your mattress has completely lost its support. Mattresses naturally lose support and comfort overtime, and once support is lost, a mattress pad is only a temporary solution.

Recommendations to Consider When Buying:

  • Should be Fitted Style
  • Should be Waterproof
  • Should be Machine Washable
  • Should be Absorbent

At National Hospitality, we offer several mattress pads that act as a source of comfort and protection. For example, our Ultra Dry® mattress pads meet all the requirements for health, preservation, and comfort in the hospitality industry.

  • To shop the entire mattress pad collection, visit our website.
  • To view our buying guide for mattress pads, click here!

Ultra Dry® Waterproof Quilted Mattress Pads w/Flexwall Fitted Style

Low as $13.95 ea!


The Purpose of Mattress Covers

The hospitality industry has historically sworn by the mattress cover to increase the life of the mattress, protect against bed bugs, and protect against water damage. We recommend mattress covers because they breathe well, stay protected with zippered coverings, and their thin layer doesn’t alter the comfort of new mattresses.

Mattress covers are ideal purchases with new mattresses. Installing a mattress cover will make sure the 100th guest has the same sleeping experience as the 1st guest! More importantly, mattress covers are a good choice for guests that suffer from allergies or asthma. Mattress covers don’t have any filler, therefore dust mites or other allergens that do hide on the surface of the mattress cover can easily be eliminated with regular laundering.

View the differences between the three types of mattress covers offered on our website!

Step 1: Choose Fitted or Zippered Covers
Fitted Mattress Covers
are used to protect the top and sides of your mattress, or box spring. They attach the same way as a fitted mattress pad or sheet. Choose from vinyl or polypropylene covers–see below.
Zippered Mattress Covers completely encase your entire mattress, providing maximum protection. Choose from vinyl or polypropylene covers–see below.
Step 2: Choose Fabric Type
Vinyl Mattress Covers are waterproof, and fire retardant. Choose from standard 3 gauge vinyl, or heavy-duty 6 gauge vinyl. Zippered vinyl covers are bed bug proof.
Polypropylene Mattress Covers are quieter than vinyl, and made of a cotton-like synthetic material. Choose from waterproof lined or non-waterproof. Zippered waterproof covers are also bed bug proof. Machine washable.
Stretch Polyester Zippered Mattress Covers are the best covers we offer. The 100% stretch polyester reduces tearing and maximizes durability. Bed bug proof, waterproof, & flame retardant. Machine washable.

GOOD- Vinyl Mattress Covers

Vinyl Zippered Mattress Covers

Vinyl bed cover
Low as $5.95

BETTER- Polypropylene Mattress Covers

Waterproof Polypropylene Mattress Covers

stretched poly 1
Low as $7.50 ea!

BEST- Stretch Polyester Zippered Mattress Covers

Stretch Polyester Zippered Covers

stretch poly poly
Low as $19.95!
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*For top of the line protection, check out our earlier blog on CleanRest® Pro Encasements!

Recommendations to Consider When Buying:

  • Should be zippered to protect against bed bugs
  • Should be waterproof
  • Should be flame-retardant
  • *Before buying fitted or zippered style, measure the depth of your mattress and make sure it matches with the depth of the mattress cover.

Which Option is Best For Your Hotel, Motel, & B&B?

Newer MattressesMattress covers are your best option for protection and to preserve the natural feel of the mattress. Practically an industry standard, they’re inexpensive and hidden from view. Mattress covers will help to keep disastrous bed bug story reviews off of Yelp or Facebook and ensure your guests have a safe sleeping experience.

Older Mattresses-To increase the comfortability of older mattresses, mattress pads are a great short term option as stated earlier. Also, if the mattresses you ordered were labeled as “firm” a mattress pad can help to make the bed feel more plush. Modern mattress pads are now able to both protect and add comfort.

*Regularly check your mattress covers and pads to ensure they haven’t ripped. While mattress covers may be zippered, if material is ripped, bed bugs, allergens, and dust mites will have the ability to infest your mattress. Zippered mattress covers protect against bed bugs, however there’s not a 100% guarantee your property will be bed bug safe.

For more information on how bed bugs travel and infest, read our article here.

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