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How to Ensure Your Hotel Room Is Handicapped Accessible

In the U.S., Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that hotels, inns, and other places of lodging must make their facilities handicapped accessible. Not only does the physical location need to be accessible, communications and the hotel website also need to be accessible.

Offering handicapped-accessible hotel rooms is a must so that you can accommodate any and all guests. Quality customer service and hospitality are all about being inclusive and available for all guests, no matter if they’re deaf, in a wheelchair, blind, or your average Joe.

For handicapped visitors, having the necessary amenities to be able to easily move around, bathe, and be safe in their room is a must. Keep reading for information to ensure that your rooms are truly handicapped accessible.

Parking & Hotel Access

For guests in wheelchairs and other disabilities, hotels must offer designated handicapped parking. This parking should offer guests priority location in the parking lot and should be closest to the hotel entrance. Since handicapped guests may be unable to use steps, having step-free access such as a ramp or level ground is a must.

Inside of your hotel, the common area should offer automatic door opening and a lobby-level accessible bathroom. It’s also important that your front desk is accessible, allowing for easy check-in for disabled guests.

In-Room Amenities

Every hotel room should offer amenities needed for all types of disabilities. Rooms should be fitted with a deaf kit so that those who cannot hear or are hard of hearing can watch television and communicate with the front desk. Accessible rooms should also offer:

  • Wider doorways to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Lever door handles
  • Mid-height switches and power outlets
  • Bathroom amenities, including a roll-in shower, wall-mounted shower seat, grab bars, and a raised toilet with toilet assist bars

Providing the proper in-room amenities is a must to properly accommodate your disabled guests.

smoke detector in handicapped accessible room

Fire Safety Requirements

Being prepared for emergencies is the foundation of running a successful hotel. One of the biggest threats in hotels is fires. A fire can break out at any time, and your guests need to be notified so that they can safely and quickly exit the building.

Traditional smoke alarms make loud noises, signaling to guests that there is a danger of fire, but these smoke alarms aren’t useful for those who are deaf. To account for all guests, be sure that your hotel is fitted with hearing impaired smoke detector system. Instead of relying on sound alone, these systems offer a smoke alarm with strobe light so that deaf people can visually see the warning.

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