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Hotel Bathroom Accessories That Influence Repeat Business in 2019: The Little Things Matter

A hotel room is more than just a comfortable bed, warm bedding, and plush pillows. While guests do value comfort, they also value their overall experience. Bathrooms are just as, if not more, important than other spaces in your hotel. A clean and inviting bathroom is a driving factor behind repeat business.

To ensure that your hotel bathroom meets your customers’ standards, there are many bathroom accessories that you’ll want to have available for your guests. Keep reading to learn about the must-have accessories that will rank your hospitality location well above your competition.

Bathroom Mats

Some of the most important bathroom accessories to have available for guests are bathroom mats. Hotel bath mats ensure that the bathroom is safe and completely sanitary for your guests. Did you know that a third of all bathroom accidents occur in the shower or bathtub?

To keep your guests safe, you’ll want to invest in bathroom mats. Because bathtub surfaces can become quite slippery, there’s an increased risk of slipping and falling, especially for elderly guests and children.

With quality bath mats, you can have the peace of mind that your guests are safe when using bathroom amenities.

Shower Curtains

hotel shower curtains

While there are many shower accessories that you’ll want to have available at your location, shower curtains are items that guests can’t do without. Hotel shower curtains are multi-purpose. For one, they give the bathroom a homey look and feel. A colored shower curtain can add a little life and design to an otherwise boring room.

Shower curtains also provide privacy and can help to keep the shower area warm. This is especially beneficial for guests who are sharing a room with friends or family members.

Shower curtains are also useful in that they minimize the amount of water that leaks. When guests are taking a shower, you don’t want them to walk out onto a floor that’s covered in puddles. With a properly fitted shower curtain, guests can avoid potential slips and falls because of a wet floor.

When purchasing hotel bathroom accessories in bulk, you’ll find that you can purchase bathroom sets with a shower curtain. You’ll find bathroom sets in a variety of colors and designs. Hospitality companies even sell kids bathroom sets that can be used in family suites.

With bathroom sets that include a curtain, you can create a cohesive bathroom look that’s welcoming for guests.

Hotel Towel Bars & Shelves

Last, but not least, in order to really impress your guests, you’ll want to have towel bars and shelves installed. Hotel towel bars and shelves give the bathroom a classic look while also providing extra storage space. A bath rack gives guests a place to hang their towels to dry so that they can be reused. Racks are also super convenient!

hotel towel shelves

Towel shelves are the perfect product for using an otherwise empty corner. Shelves give guests a place to put their towels, along with other bathroom items.

By having hotel towel bars and shelves available, you’re able to provide a better hotel experience. This will ensure guests return for stays in the future.

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By purchasing these products, you can far exceed your guests’ expectations, leaving them more likely to return so to your hotel versus choosing to stay with one of your competitors.

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